LIVE BS FREE! Does #covid have you stuck in fear? Is doubt messing with your greatness? Up nights thinking about your next best step? 

 Your solution is here! “Joy Warrior Journal: 7 easy ways to get your joy back when life forces you to pivot” is the eBook that gives you keys to be who you came here to be - FREE.

 Finally, a common sense mindset, mental health and wellness guide for beginners to OGs.

#GetYourJoyUp⚡️ xo, V


Davida E. Arnold is a living bucket list. This former school teacher was homeschooled until 9th grade, only to evolve into a serial entrepreneur. A restaurateur survivor, she co-founded three restaurants in Brooklyn. Her award-winning work as a producer and writer has appeared on A&E, MTV and more. Dedicated to innovation and communications for over 15 years, she's built sustainable digital communities, strategy and products for brands like GoDaddy and AARP, influencers and not-for-profits like Color Of Change and Cheerity, and many others in the lifestyle and tech spaces. 

Davida is a board member for Borealis Philanthropy, an intermediary that connects funders to fundees. A respected speaker and mindset motivator, she has worked with corporations and brands such as Staples, schools such as Columbia University, and more. But at the heart of the matter-Davida aka V the Joy Warrior is known for being a demonstration of joy. 

She thrives sharing tips, resources and strategies that help folx optimize their lives so they can be who they came here to be - FREE. This Philly born divorcée jawn loves cooking, laughing, and dancing far away from Wifi when she’s recharging. Her sons can tell you that her lasagna is the stuff of legend. Facts. You can read more about Davida at

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